Castel - Castello di Vigoleno

The ancient origins of Vigoleno sunk in Roman times: the Latin form Victus Lyaeci, literally a place dedicated to Bacco for the delicacy of wines, shows the strong link to the surrounding area from its origins.

Following the first official historical records dating back to 1132, the historical information found shows that Vigoleno will be a real rarity in Italian history: the Castle will almost continuously belong to a single family from the late ‘300s to the early’ 900. The Scotti Family. In 1622, elevated to the highest stage of Ducato’s Décoration, the Castle became the leading literal and cultural center of the whole Duchy.

The Scotti family will sell the property in the early 1900s, and the Castle, passing families in families, noble and non-existent, will come to our day in a state of perfect preservation and faithful historic and artistic restructurings.