Our preparations - Castello di Vigoleno

Our preparations

The care and attention to dress and to let castle unique fro our brides, is truly unique and exemplary.
Every aspect is considered, even the smallest detail is treated, modified, changed, following the tastes and desires of the protagonists of the Wedding: the Spouses.

With us, the Spouses will have to do the Spouses, that is to enjoy the day, the party and the fun without really thinking about anything.

Floral decoration

Flowers speak: they talk about how we are, how we feel, on which color we live our days … and they can not be missed in the most important day of a couple. they can be wildflowers, elegant flowers, simple, colored or white… you will tell us about that.

Mise en place

Setting up the table is an art. something special and unique for weddings. everything can be changed and modified, everything as to be uniformed to the desires of our couple.


Our dessert buffet for a wedding, is really an adventure. on request, we can provide for cap cake, macarones, sweet, mursh mellows and many other tricks.

Candy table

And with the candy table we enjoy: colors, taste, forms, chocolate, fruit… everything. It is always set up at the end of the banquet, the candy table is an important stop for the wedding guests. No one leaves the wedding without a little sachet of sweets.

Graphic proposal

Our graphic is really customizable, we send that home after the last ok of the spouses, totally hand made following your ideas. ask for an example, we will send you at home.
The budget will be blocked for one years.

Claudia Antolini “Wedding Designer”

everything is realized by Antolini Claudia “wedding Designer”