San Giorgio Restaurant - Castello di Vigoleno

The art of good cooking once. The beauty of an evening of friends or relatives surrounded by the scents of genuine and traditional cuisine. The refinement and the care of each dish make the San Giorgio Restaurant at the Vigoleno Castle a must-see stop where you can taste the tastes of local products, expertly prepared by the hands of experienced Chefs and prone to the recovery of the oldest culinary traditions. The wine cellars of the hills surrounding the Vigoleno promontory, carefully selected, are collected in an exclusive wine list elaborated by Sommelier masters.

The San Giorgio Restaurant at the Vigoleno Castle invites its guests to the table with all the rules of the bon ton, satisfying the senses, without neglecting any details to create the best atmosphere for an unforgettable time.

Do not miss out on the scenic aspect and the suggestion that a good set-up can arouse on any occasion – be it a recurrence, a gala dinner or a themed event …

Capacity Restaurant: 60 seats approx


Our Appetizers
Mixed salumi with fried cake and giardiniera 17,00
Plate of vaccine, goat and mixed cheeses with honey and jams 17,00
Culaccia Dop With Parmigiano Reggiano cream 16,00
Tris of Hams, Prosciutto di Parma, San Daniele and Serrano Spagnolo15,00
Culatello d. o. p. of Zibello "Dallatana" 18,00
Raw shoulder di Palosone  "Dallatana"17,00
White Salamesimato with strolghino and mariola d. o. p. "Dallatana" 13,50
Our First
Pisarei 12,00
Ricotta and spinach tortelli 13,00
Tortelli with potatoes and porcini mushrooms 15,00
Tagliatelle with wild boar sauce 15,00
Culatello tortelli with parmesan cream 16,00
Potato gnocchi with cherry tomatoes and burrata on basil cream 12,00
Our Seconds
Baked stuffed veal tip with roasted potatoes 18,00
Grilled Irish Picanha with seasonal salad 17,00
Tartare of Adult Bovine Piedmontese breed with fruit and aromas of the field 16,50
Quail stuffed with sausage, bread and parsley on apple cream with onion apple chutney 16,00
Beef carpaccio with courgette and cheese pecorino 13,00
Anatra laccata con patate al forno 17,00
Baked duck with potatoes 17,00

Contorni 5,00
Mix Salad
Rosemary potatoes
Fried Cake

Our Desserts
* Sbrisolona cake with VinSanto of Vigoleno 15,00 * Sweet Malvasia scented eggnog with cat tongues *Yogomisù with coulis berries *Cocoa coffee semifreddo with white chocolate chips € 6,00 In case of allergies or intolerances, please ask the waiter for the appropriate menu.